Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Day of Undying Loyalty

Meditation: "God may not be so far away"

Today I lost blood, but I've gained motivation. Awesome trade eh?
I think I've been on Levothyroxin for maybe 5 weeks now. Initially the only improvement I've noticed is better quality of sleep, and generally a pretty chipper mood. The past few days have seen my enthusiasm return; I'd slowly lost interest in generally everything in my life for 2 or 3 years I'd say and I just chalked it up to me becoming lazy or an overly "chilled-out-dude", but I'm engaged again.
I've spent most hours of yesterday and today on my drum stool, gettin' my groove back! I had all but given up on the drums, as I felt every bit of skill fade away and had resigned myself to selling my kit. But I'm happy to report I've been bust writing and I'm sitting on four new songs that just need some guitar to fill them out, wooooo, excited!

But on to a little digging around our collective character, more to the point, what we think of loyalty? Are you a fiercely loyal person? Do you stand by your friends, family and ideals staunchly? How about blindly? Will you stand beside them when you know they are wrong? What does that say about you?

Just a little food for thought for today. No advice. No preaching.

P.S Belfast Royal Academy FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odds are, I'm making/arranging some sort of pressie for you,
Nevin xxo

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  1. Good stuff Nev. Just put a wee stinkylinky to your nice blog on mines.

    Hope you're well! You still working at zee Black Box?