Monday, 15 March 2010

The Day of the Heights

You know the drill by now. When not doing the things a good son, brother, grandson or friend does, I often have a lot of time leftover with me myself and I.

So I consulted the big book - you should know the one by now!


"Though you may not be satisfied with your position, learn to enjoy yourself where you are. Beware of your power drives; remain unselfish. Kindness and generosity will repay you many times over. Give up unconscious contracts with your parents."

Well played book. Very well played. I'm not really having a ball in this position. I've been living with my folks for approximately 6 months and to be rather blunt, I'm going frickin' crazy. I didn't think I'd be here this long (remember me wanted to go get into adventures around the world from January) but I'm still gonna be here up until summer methinks. It's not the natural order of things, you fly the nest and don't come back, that's how it works. I love them, but I don't this is healthy even! But there's no fixing it, I'm not moving until I know the uni situation!

"Remain unselfish" - My Dad has often been telling me for years that I'm too selfless, that people would abuse kindness and use me as a stepping stone. Only time will tell with this one, but I'm gonna take this advice.

"Kindness and generosity..." Something I've noticed kinda recently, maybe in the past year or so. Is that not only are people very shocked by kindness, but they're suspicious of it. It's something that's really upset me, but godammit I'm gonna continue making people suspicious! :P

What else did I get up to today? Well ALL of the university stuff is now in motion, It's in the hands of my referees now. I'm going to attempt some sort of positive voodoo by casting spells on a Strathclyde hoodie I've ordered, sounds like something I'd do.
Of course with the stress of all that I had to wind-down, so I've been recording and singing my little heart out, expect covers of such songs to be slapped all over facebook in the near future.

Can't wait for tomorrow, gonna buy some paints, make some banners, get the booze, you know the score!

I'll leave you with this rather chirpy quote, enjoy, get it tattoo'd pass it on.

"The perfect marriage of pleasure and pain can be found in the realm of love"

We're getting closer now.
- Nevin xxo

(p.s I got an answer to yesterday's question)


  1. "Is that not only are people very shocked by kindness, but they're suspicious of it"
    I find this. People never know quite what to make of genuine kindness. Which says a lot about the world really. :)

  2. Case in point, I hand a guy a drink today to share, (it St Paddys day so why not?) so he crushes it and try to start a fight. Why?
    Makes it easier in the end to choose who we invest our time and interest on really!