Friday, 19 March 2010

The Day Of Dogged Persistance

Yesterday, I was not feeling very well. I perhaps have become a bit restless waiting around for University interviews. Impatient is a word that wouldn't even begin to describe what I was.

Now is a time of sticking to my guns. Keep the goal in sight and pursue it tirelessly.

That is what I wrote when I was sober. I am, for the third night in a row, drunk.
Not because, I drink as a pass-time,it just so happens that this week is one of those weeks where I get invited out a lot!!!
But really, I was VERY anxious yesterday because in a sense, the news I'm waitin' on largely determines what I'm doing for a year of my life. It's not something I fret about lightly.
Another reason I may have bottled up all the tension and let it out in some angsty publication is because... I don't have any other way to release it. Who do I talk to about things like this?
It's one of those times of the year, of my life, that I too often spend alone. Where no-one is in the same boat, the same limbo.

Ahh well. It's the booze maybe talkin' tonight. I'm slowly picking myself up. Always got to try and make a good go at this.

"All Life is Sacred"



  1. It's the only vice I have at the mintue!
    Don't tell anyone eh? :D xo

  2. I wouldn't need to, you tell the world anyway you header! :L How is you atm then drunken choook. xx

  3. Clearly my lil emoticon friend there didn't sell my tongue-in-cheek joke.

    I'm getting there, which means pretty good.
    Yes, I'm sober today!
    What about yourself m'dear? That latest post of yours is what I'm trying to aim for, simple and effective.