Monday, 29 March 2010

The Day of the Observer

Quick album review;
Kids in Glass Houses : Dirt - 7.7/10

Is it pop-punk or Indie rock? Somehow they cover all the bases. It's the perfect album for parties or getting ready to go out, I'm absolutly loving it. It even has guest vocals from New Found Glory and Frankie from The Saturdays - AWESOME!!!

The Post!

I'll start oddly with my Meditation-quote-deelio;

"My responsibility for the world begins and ends with Myself"

I'm an observer, a curious dude, I throw big questions around, I'm a self professed "fixer"

Maybe I've been doing things wrong. Reading back on my posts, I sometimes think, "Am I being Dogmatic, am I imposing my beliefs on the reader?
Too dramatic?
A bit lofty?
I haven't a clue.

So I might take a break until I get other opinions, maybe I'll change the format.

Perhaps I'm just knackerd
Weight lifting + drumming + jogging + singing = Worn out Nev

Ciao for now
-Nevin xxo

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