Monday, 22 March 2010

The Day of Direct Current

Today was the day I implemented my "turning over a new leaf" phase. I'm not saying my leaf or the side it's on right now was bad ... just that ... I've lost my way with this metaphor already!

But I curiously enough this morning did a wee count of how many pills I've taken.
18 of 100mg. This means that (hopefully) I am six weeks away from a "reboot" (see earlier posts)

So, I patiently, slowly and surely continue on with my work. I tell you, I am seriously craving a burger or fish and chips or something fried and swimming in grease.
But, I've been a good boy today. You know those days were you just CAN'T STOP eating or drinking the same thing over and over. Well it seems today I have something of a smoothie fetish. Throwing together blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, a banana and some vanilla yogurt.

It has seriously been a while since something that good has made love to my throat! Oh wait ... that's gonna sound like I'm gay. Ummmmmm

It has seriously been a while since something that good has been fucking hardcore and manly, my blender is metal as fuck and my smoothie composition is the shit!!

So, yeah, maybe a teensy bit hyper today ... but you need to try this smoothie!!

Another new thing today was weight training. I'm built like an elf; the only time I would say my body was in amazing shape was age 16/17, right before my thyroid decided to be a lazy gland.
Weights are nice change of pace for me, I was the typical tall guy runner/swimmer, a change is good for me.

Something I can't seem to get my arse in to gear is brushing up on my music skillz. I'll lazily bash away at a drum kit, not learning anything new, or make make noises on my keyboard without knowing how to play the thing at a decent standard.
I must have "lazy-lead singer-itis"

But that's okay. I'm going easy on my self. I'm getting too worked up on trying to make stuff happen, when really sometimes, I should realise that it's alright to just let things happen by themselves.

"Love involves respect for the time and space of all living things"

Thanks for your comments, messages, calls, texts and thoughts.
I fucking love you!
-Nev xxo

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