Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Day of the Labyrinth


Your emotions can destructive. Keep calm and in touch with your center. Direct your energies toward realistic goals. Observe your living.

Loving the babble from this book today, and I'll say ; check, check, check and check to all of the above. I'll go a step further and translate it into a language that is far more pleasing to my ears.

" Dude, like, chill the fuck out, yeah? Sweet!"

See, now I know, why I'm really stressed out. It became apparent this morning. I woke up at five, and this thing is haunting me. I'm addicted to it. If I could wipe it from my past I would. It holds me back, pins me down. But I can't tell anyone about it.

I make a large portion of my life visible to people. You go on my facebook, I have it pretty well fleshed out. This blog here is a window into my day-to-day. I don't mind sharing, I like sharing. Love it. But that is something only I can really fix, and hopefully soon before it hurts me.

My temporary solution.
My answer to most things?
Lets go dance and a have a wee drink eh?

"We create nothing, express nothing; we only discover or uncover what is already there"

I'll be at Laverys,
hopefully I'll see one of your might pretty faces real soon!

- Nevin xxo

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