Sunday, 7 March 2010


I happened to wake up this morning in an unfamiliar house, on a familiar sofa, wrapped up like baby Jesus with a half full bottle of Morgan's beside me. There goes me saving myself for St.Paddys/School's cup final. I have only Ben Wilson to thank for this.

However I couldn't spend any time lingering around, basking in the tipsy memories of the previous night or the rather lovely dream I had, no no, I've got to make my escape home and get some all-new and improved Levothyroxine (now in Belgium chocolate flavour) and breakfast.
One that was accomplished, I basked in life's little pleasure of standing in the shower 10 minutes longer than usual; they're like vertical wet beds right? Mmmmmm
This of course is followed by my "just out of the shower dance". This can be a rather frantic exercise on a floor towel that is one part tribal dance, one part boogie and one part mosh. If there is one part of my day where I am guaranteed to be happy, this is it.

Upon returning to my room, I'm feeling rather motivated ( as I oddly am after drinking) do I try and write/record some tunes OR will I do some weights. Both seemed fun, I could do both before dinner.

Oh no. *RING RING* "Yes, I'll cover your shift"

So my plans went right out the window, my day didn't quite come together as I'd planned. And for some reason,perhaps because of last night's dream I would actually love a bottle of champagne and some strawberries!

"Following our dreams can lead us to freedom or imprisonment"

Many apologies for those wanting more in-depth high brow discussion. But at least now you know I have a shower dance.

Sleep, perchance to dream...

-Nev xxo

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  1. In times of duress, I treat myself to the 'Deeply Dippy' shower, which involves popping on the aforementioned Right Said Fred track before I get in, and timing my shower-exit to coincide with the climax of the track.

    As the trumpets crescendo, I have a very specifically choreographed towel dance which titilates, bemuses and dries in equal measure.