Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Day of Innocence

Before you take a gander, be sure to have a little look over my post "The Day of Integrity" (posted two days ago) I already started talking on this topic.

I would say there is the general consensus that innocence is slowly eroded with every passing year and every action we take. I already mentioned the particular things that are associated with this loss, so I wont spend time mentioning them again, only that we seem to have a scale of "OMG my innocence has just been fucked up!"

Then there's the idea that if we hadn't done this, read that, googled blue waffle, we'd be divine creatures, once more like our babby-counterparts. (Intentional spelling of "baby"!!)
So yeah a bit of mind-wiping a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, yes?

Of course it doesn't exist yet;
"Targeted memory erasure is a fictional non-surgical procedure. Its purpose is the focused erasure of memories, particularly unwanted and painful memories"

Though we're not without our own cure;
" is a mild form of brain damage comparable to a "night of heavy drinking."

So in turn, I drink because I want to be more innocent?


I have done bad things.
I've made mistakes.
I have regrets.
I have my faults.

I'm still innocent.
Odds are you are too.

So who's up for a little corruption? eh? funny? Yes? No. You're right, never.

But if you still feel like you've made yourself shut something or someone off, you feel hurt or damaged or generally "bad",just think about this. It may be bleak, but it quickly pushes you through a few steps in one sentence.

"Most depression is only anger - most anger, fear"

As for me. I'm gonna get back to making Easter goodies for my mates.

You know where to reach me, Facebook and 02 pay me now!
-Nev XoxO

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