Sunday, 31 January 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

There's how I'm going to keep myself busy during this experimental dosage period. Pictures say thousands of (painful) words.
I had the most borrrrrrrrrrring Saturday night, evar. I would have killed for a pint, a jagerbomb and a chat and a dance with a stranger, but no, early night for Nev(in)
Early night?! You say
*Masses of confused looks and whispers of "Nev only sleeps 4 hours a night"*
It's true, I jumped into bed just after midnight, lay back, and yes there were the normal, "what ifs?" "why nots?" and "maybe if I's" running through my head, but pretty soon after, I passed the f$ck out!
When I woke up, I grabbed Clocky (more on him later) and it was several minutes to six. Holy crap.
Woke up fresh as a daisy, didn't tussle around, didn't cuddle my other pillow, just woke up, fresh as Will Smith himself.

But anywho Sunday was spent trying to organise my little 3 week adventure, I know now that on Friday I'll be in Scotland for 5-ish days, then Nottingham/London for 4 days, then I make it up as I go along!

NEW Albums
Contra- Vampire Weekend : 7.6/10
Hold me down - You me at six : 6.6/10
The Betrayed - Lostprophets : 7.2/10

So I hope you all free from the Clutches of January Blues, I even started a positivity enhancing facbook page;

I don't know what might be making you stressed, maybe an interview, perhaps a workload, an illness, the ever present "why won't that boy/girl notice me?!" that comes along with Febuary. But just shake it off kids! Things are thrown our way EVERY day, and we think that life is a bastard for doing it.
So, think about a difficulty that came up in your life, maybe recently or a few years ago. Then you would've been preaching despair, but I reckon now, because of it, you're in a much better position. It's a new year, feels free to air out your life a little! If something or someone is no good for you and you tryed to make it work, leave it were it lays, move on, head high.

Well after all that guff, I'm gonna say turrah and leave you with a quote that's often associated with my birthday;

"Maybe there are no accidents"

-Nev xo

Saturday, 30 January 2010

24 ...ish

Mood: Manic!

Films seen;

Daybreakers- 7/10
Ninja Assassin: 3/10 (If you love ninja's or Joel Silver films consider this 11/10)

The Levothyroxine (which I'm going to refer to as "meds" or something less "wordy") has been in my system for almost a day and a half. Yesterday I had a little giggle fit, random dancing sessions and I shouted at sweets that jumped out of the cupboard. Today though, I started off really calm and levelled, up until about ten minutes ago.
I am soooooo panicked right now, my brain feels like it's burning through pixie-dust-sugar and burning into lots of colours; I have a full body rush! At any particular moment I could be really excited or the next scared.
So I'm thinking this could take a week to get used to, soooo on Friday I'm off to Scotland/England, but I have no idea where to start!
I'm gonna be headin' to all the bigger places in Scotland as well as Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham and London. I absolutely can't wait to dart about and catch up with everybody... and crash on your sofa's!

Next time on the Blog? Things I'm going to be busy with during the 8 weeks of tinkering with meds!

Cheers! - Nev

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day 1

Mood: Confused/Excited

Dosage: 50mg

Jagermeister consumption: Nil.

So just a few hours ago I popped a "Levothyroxine"; a little tiny white pill that will make every problem I've had for the past couple of years go away, and of course make my lazy-ass thyroid gland get back to work!
This first day blog is going to be the most boring in that, the drug hasn't kicked in yet! Be assured though if stories are to be believed, I'm going to be wackily exploring my emotional spectrum for the next eight weeks as I plunder and drink my way through the U.K's cities, leaving each friend drunker than the last.

So, watch this space, and in general feel a little bit naughty, like you're reading someone's diary!