Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Day of the Originator

I often tried to keep my head above water, by making sure there was less of it.

What I mean is I could cut things away to keep my mind clear.
(Please refrain from you're an emo or "are you a "cutter"?" jokes please.)

So my bedroom, would consist of a bed, drawers and wardrobe. That's it. Okay obligatory drum kit, sheesh! You could say I was an easily distracted chap.
What is it about us? We tend to have exams and coursework and such every year, and it's important to a degree. But we'll do anything else to avoid it. Are we meant to sabotage ourselves in this way, do we not want to move forward? Counting the indentations on a radiator to avoid writing an essay - done it!

Then we struggle to manage our time. Some how we have to squeeze hours of school/uni in between work, being with your friends or other half and no doubt have some other commitment. I don't know about you, but I'd like a teensy bit of "me" time in between those things.

Though maybe it'd be best if I didn't. If I just jumped from place to place everyday, with a constantly changing cast of characters in my life,maybe it'd be funner, give me a buzz, some more energy. Maybe it'd wear me out enough so I could count less sheep.

So, why not open Pandora's box. Enjoy the chaos of your life. You might miss it when your adventures start to end.

"The secret to concentration is the acceptance of endless distractions"

- Nevin, Nev, Mr.Officer, Weirdy Beardy and so many more

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