Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Day of the Soul Searchers

Do you ever wonder what state your soul is in? For those of you who may be "non-religious" or of no faith, I extend my meaning of soul to encompass spirit, psyche and so forth.

I wrote a few days ago, about physical appearance and the lengths we go to preserve our looks OR not as it may be. Do you often think about your soul? Perhaps if we can equate soul to the sum of all thought and personality, how high in regard to you hold it?

Let's look at saaaaaay Paris Hilton. What has she achieved? She filmed herself havin' a good ole' time with her fella. Twice. I guess some might find her attractive ... if you're a fan of the skeletal Barbie doll, who am I to judge? But she sure as hell hasn't developed herself as a person.

When "soul-searching" as it were, I think really all we do is ask a ton of questions, look for the answers for a long time but generally don't find an answer. But nevertheless we searched. That's what I think the soul really is. A person's intangible will, grace, hope, faith and all other virtues that sound dangerously like I'm naming past tv shows.

I'd say many of these blogs have been soul-searching ones. I often don't provide many answers, but I sure as hell explore every corner.

That's my lot for tonight, my head is pickled over Universities and such. Lets pray I get it right and end up in Glasgow this time eh?


(Sillily excited that it's one week to the school's cup final and St.Patrick's day - I'm gonna be sooooo drunk!!! :D )

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