Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Day of the Aerialist

I've noticed that I have broken into a routine that fits in with another particular group; the young mums.

So basically when I'm out shopping in Ballyclare, it's me, shop-keepers, mums and little peeps.
I'm not complaining either, all these babies and toddlers have an AWESOME sense of humour.

Regardless of such an observation, my mission was to acquire a bottle of the finest Jagermeister for myself and all in my company tomorrow, a big-ass bottle of whiskey for the brother and to indulge my love of dress-up and silliness, I needed some face paint to support our team tomorrow.

Yes, at long last the big day is upon us. A day of having a nice eclectic mix of people, all under the B.R.A. flag, shouting our arse off before diving head-first in St.Patrick's Day festivity.

Keeping it simple tonight, like a diary log or something. No big message, just wishing all the best to the lads, and lets have a day to remember.

- Nevin

(P.s Today's quote has pretty much nothing to do with anything but I'll put it here for the sake of tradition)

"Flowers and butterflies are delicate but also surprisingly strong"


  1. Fucking Ballymena. :( :L No problem on following your blog btw, I don't really know how I came across it, but I like! I only seem to write anything in mine when I feel I'm about to murder someone, and need some way to distract myself from doing so, so it's mostly a horrible blog. :L

  2. It was a close game at least!
    Glad you like it, I think I saw you for like a split second in school a wee while back when I was doing teaching practice. I got all excited like "she reads my shit and doesn't even know me, woop!"
    It's much more interesting to read about someone wanting to fuck someone up,instead of actually doing it :P

  3. It was a close game! :) What subject were you doing your teaching practice with? You want to be a teacher then! When were you doing it? I have no idea what I want to be.. I'm doing English language & linguistics at York next year, if not English & History at Strathclyde. But if I get an offer from Trinity for Law I'll be going there. I have no idea where my life's going, I am in limbo! :L My family are the medecine/ law/ nothing else kinds... You could say they're pissed off at me. :L

  4. I was teaching English funnily enough, I was there about two weeks ago. I think being a teacher is the only "proper" job I'd be good at AND enjoy.
    Those are all good universitys so you'll be fine wherever you go. Don't worry about the whole "limbo" thing either.
    My parents didn't want me doing English either, but they didn't choose what they wanted to do when they were young, and now they work jobs that they hate.
    Nevin: 1 Parents :0