Monday, 8 March 2010

The Day of Nonconformity

This day has been quiet a dolly mixture. Not only was there an absence of that lethargic struggle to get out of bed... the day outside was magnificently beautiful, sure I didn't do anything terribly exciting, cleaned my house, did a few rounds of laundry and jammed for a bit; the usual.
The middle of the day dragged terribly, I can't seem to go 24 hours without talking to somebody. It used to be the case that I functioned well as a hermit, and when out about I was the life and the soul. Now it seems that me being lonely finally equates to me being lonely.
Now the last third of the day is where the HUGE SMACK in the face occurs. I'm on the gttr website (applications for prospective teachers) and notice that a hell of a lot of universities have no vacancies.
This puzzles me, as there is no set deadline for applications for students wishing to teach at secondary level. So out goes Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle and Northumbria. I had made such amazing friends who attend these universities and now I'm feelin' a little sorry for myself, and slightly foolish too.

I believe I was the guy who ranted about seizing the day and not hesitating. Seems Ironic that I didn't have my application finalised as soon as I got home from my trip.

All is not lost however. Manchester remains as an option, was one of my original choices and one of my best mates live there.

Strathclyde, a university very well renowned for its teaching course is available. It just so happens to be in Glasgow, a city I LUUUURRRRRRRRRRVE!

Exeter is another choice, I've been there for a rather sweet weekend, and have a couple of buddies there.

Finally York, a place I originally applied for after grammar school.

To think I was worried about what to write about today! Well I'm a rather stressed monkey right now so I'm gonna head off. If you happen to go to one of these fine institutions, please give me the buzz and a general "low-down" of what it's like!

"The power is there - we only have to plug into it"

I'll speak to you all soon hopefully!
- Nev xxo

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