Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Day of Relativity

Cider drank: A river supposedly

Times mind blown: Twice

Mummies visited: Three

As much as I love a good party; music blaring at me, bad dancing, people disappearing into darkened corners and the obligatory excess of cider. I, rather oddly treasure the whole next day.

Memories flood back gradually and constantly. You laugh at the texts you may have sent, wonder why you aren't wearing exactly what you arrived in, and of course drunken honesty you can never quiet take back.

It's days like today where I have the best perspective. I wake up and yes, my head is sore, my tum is wondering "WHY?!" but everything seems very clear. I'm always happy, hopeful and oddly productive. This isn't the easiest thing to achieve when I'm stuck in Uni-limbo!

Do you ever think about what part you play at the party? Do you feed everyone? Are you doing the rolling? Crying in the corner? Being sick? Occupying a bedroom?
Like I said you're maybe never more honest than you are when drunk. Perhaps it's a good exercise in figuring out what jigsaw piece you are in the group-puzzle.

"We are at once the same-and worlds apart"

I'm going to go jam, in an attempt to tire myself out so I might fall asleep.
Night night ♥
- Nevin

p.s I hear it was national steak and blowjob day ... is there a chocolate and cunnilingus day?


  1. check on one of those things :D i continue to read lol and wtf at your blog

  2. Cheer's bro. So there IS that day! How awesome am I?!