Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Day of Progressive Intuition

I'm pretty much hours away from sending off my application, I just have to secure my second reference and that will be that. This is the scariest part for me. The waiting period. I'm absolutely fine with interviews, I largely know what to expect and can handle that kind of pressure.

I think in my mind, I've already packed my bags. I know in my head where I want to be most of all, and I can picture myself being quiet the happy chappy there. The first time I left for Uni, I had those pangs of guilt. Like you had just used your parents for 18 years and were away off to drink away "free money" whilst occasionally sticking your head in a book ... though in my case, I often used it as a pillow during lectures.

(Seriously, my complete works of Shakespeare book is frickin' comfy!!)

I'm very content with flying the nest, my parents still have Reuben after all. (Imaginary younger brother, general lazy bastard ... it's a long story)

So of course, the question on my mind is : what the fudge am I going to bring? Well as it turns out, I don't have that much stuff. Somewhere along the line I got sensible with possessions. Yes I have the usual books/cds/dvds but beyond that there's not much else, a few dumbbells and musical instruments ... I wonder if my drum kit will fit in the car, I'm sure that'd score me some cool points;

"Here come look at this! This Irish lad has a drum kit instead of a wardrobe AND a keyboard instead of a desk!"

It's not so much that I'm tight with money, if you've been out with me you know I don't like to see an empty hand or a dry mouth in my company ... wait ... that sounded kinda dirty. I like it. The double entendre stays!
I just think I'm REALLY crap at spending money on myself, and with a £6000 bursary hopefully coming my way in September, perhaps that's a habit I should get out of!

Since I may collapse at any second I shall leave you with these words and this thought;

"Imagine having to carry everything you own"

First and second round is on me.
-Nevin xxo

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