Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Day of Design

Meditation - "The grand pattern of the universe is God's design"

I saw a film today called "The Crazies" I'm not going to give it a full review ... I may start another blog solely for reviews... BUT if you enjoy fresh takes on Zombies and fun ways to dispose of them AND watching one of your best mates squirm in their seat, I'd highly recommend it!

The Crazies : 7/10 (Watch out for a particularly cool knife scene, and count the Iraq war references!!)

Anyway back to the serious contemplative matter, where I act all high brow and wise and shit!
An argument that has crept up in many a classroom and uni lecture, regardless of the subject is the Nature/Nurture debate. I won't patronise you about it, but basically it boils down to "are we made OR do we make ourselves"
This of course is something that's a concern to me now. I'm on medication for the first time in my life. They have anti-depressant effects. In a sense then, once it's been in my system a sufficiently long time ( a few months) will I have a different personality? Would it be different than a personality change that occurs sheerly through time?

Another case was between the end of summer and before Christmas, I had decidedly bulked up through exercise and eating six times a day, my Belfast peeps noticed the change and it was one I had consciously chosen for myself, it is of course a moot-point seeing as (thanks to the hypothyroidism) I struggled to keep the weight on - ragin'!

So how aware are you to the changes that occur to you, If you notice it, are you in control of it, do you fight against it?
That's just my little thought for the day, tip your bartenders, stay classy!

Maybe I'll see tomorrow, if not, I'm just another another sleep closer I guess.
-Nevin xxo

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  1. "are we made OR do we make ourselves"

    Good question! =)

    I CHOOSE to believe that "we are made", by our parents and peers... until we CHOOSE to make our own choices! Hows that for a paradox, eh?