Friday, 26 March 2010

The Day of Integrity

This day is said to be one where people manifest the innocence, spontaneity and candor of a child.

Alright everybody, throw your hands up if you've done something naughty. Right, that's all of you then.
Now before we talk innocence I want you to throw away all the notions you have to suggest you're not.
I don't care how much you drink, how many kinds of drugs you do, what impressive bedroom antics you've got up to or how much five-fingered discount you've amassed.
Odds are, there is still a good deal of innocence left in you. Think of every time you play with a little sibling. Or whenever you do something nice for a stranger.
Love and kindness are born from innocence.

I think I'm having a surge of it today as well. I can't stop blushing! Every time someone says something nice to be in work today or throw me a smile, my cheeks light up like I've downed six pints and spent an hour freaking out on the dance floor.
Maybe it's my good friend levothyroxine. Mixing around with the hormones are you? Well ... fair-play!

Spontaneity? Well, no more than usual from me. If something good comes on in work, I will start doing the robot, then a moon-walk then a "running man". Can't help it.
Parents out of the house?
Singing at the top of my fudging lungs.

I don't ever want to know the opposite word to spontaneity!

Last but not least, candor. Frankness for those who had to look it up. (Me) Well. I just tell it like it is, don't I?

"That all things do indeed pass is revealed when a child's sadness gives way to laughter"

- Nevin

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