Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Day of Return

The entire world works in a beautifully monotonous cycle. We take our cue from the earth. It relentlessly spins, while clocks turn and people are born the very instant another dies.

It's this tiring cycle we try to break everyday in a search for any vigour left within ourselves.

This is a day where I particularly feel like though I've worked and pushed and tried to get things going. I'm back at square one.
"Oh so I pass these exams, now what?"
"Well now you can do more"
"And then..."
"Then you can go away to university"
"Where I'll be able to..."
"Take more exams"
"But when I'll graduate..."
"You'll probably be no better off than someone who didn't go."

Fantastic isn't it? And if your professional life leaves you feeling rather cheated, what about your personal life?
Your friends get scattered all over the place, you're unable to make the same time for each other because everybody is running the same rat race, endlessly running in their hamster wheels for that treat they're never going to get.
So really it's no wonder we're known to be a disillusioned generation. We're fed the notions that we'll reap what we sow, if we take our chance our dreams will all come true. We'll work jobs that pay well and don't cut into our personal lives, and gosh-darnit we'll just jump out of bed in the morning to go there!

And if this little slice of rhetoric seems highly out of character it's maybe because I can't even seem to scrape at the basics of a 22 year old lad like myself.

Maybe tomorrow.

"Completion often signals a new beginning"

You can find me with all the conventional methods at all the hip places.
- Nevin Officer xxo


  1. Pint sometime this weekend/next week?

  2. Haha! I'll be at someone's Birthday at Laverys on Saturday night, if that doesn't suit, we can arrange something else mate!