Friday, 12 March 2010

The Day of the Great Leap

So I'm in a similar position as last night. I have both references now and I'm just waiting on details.
I've even made my preferences with my choices.


And the winner goes to.............................................


It was at the end of the day a no-brainer, it's got an awesome rep for teacher-training. If you had seen what I did to try and get to Glasgow in first year, you'd be surprised that I had any dignity left.
I apparantly have enough left to get on stage and strip naked for an auditorium full of students. Nice.

I'm often in Scotland, seemingly going anywhere but Glasgow, I have a big goofy grin on arrival, and an equally big ( but a lot less goofy, no-one likes a sad clown) frown on departure.

Even if I don't get into Uni this year (lets hope that isn't the case!) I'm damn sure I'll move to Glasgow, get into adventures and shit!

The other thing that has been MIGHTY tempting today is to start a band. I even registered with a musician seeking/wanted website, and I've found a couple of people who seem cool. Oooooh what ever will I do. Like most bands I've been in, it'll probably only last 6 months, in-fighting will occur between the original members whilst the "new guy" (me) slinks away before he has smack the asshole lead guitarist.
Still, sounds like fun!

"Caution should not be mistaken for cowardice"

Well kids have a good weekend, house party for me tomorrow night. If you don't want pestered by a drunk tomorrow say so now.

- Nevin

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