Friday, 5 March 2010

The Day of Heaven and Hell

Now before you think that the fine thread that connect me to sanity has snapped fear not; I have indeed not been on an epic quest involving angels, demons, Jay OR Silent Bob. It's just my eye catching way to draw you into my musings on perspective :D

Largely, I've been having a jolly good time (suddenly I'm an old English man) doing the whole "wannabe-student-teacher" thing, and being on the other side of the desk is never scary for me. I just find it a tad odd that I still feel like I'm learning when the shoe is on the other foot!
Another thing that is still very weird to me is the whole double life/identity malarkey that comes with being a teacher. Throughout the day I'm Mr.Officer - that's fair enough. But I had two lower-sixth girls recognise me from outside of school and asked if they can call me "Nev/Nevin".
"Sadly not", I replied, "Only once I'm outside of those gates"
It's something I find myself doing still. I always refer to my past teachers Ms.Graham and Mr Spence by those titles as least once before using their "real"/first names!

Another thing, and I MIGHT just be going crazy, but it's like everybody recognised me, and I them. I got many a knowing look. Did I teach them last year? Was I around when a brother/sister of theirs was in the school? Am I unbeknownst to myself a cult Internet icon?

I think not.

Though that'd be kinda' cool!

What did make my day rather lovely where the following;

"Mr Officer, are you going to be teaching us every day from now on?"

"Mr Officer!!! Remember meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from last year?"

"It's all good sir, we like you already"

They were all absolute legends, there's a weird school spirit in the school that was sadly lacking when I was there. It'slike the place has taken the best parts of high school musical.
But my generation took the worst parts of American Pie! :(

Then there were the kids who though they were being mis-behaved and went quiet around me, like I was the scary-new-person. It being a Friday, and me being perhaps a little bit too laid-back, I was up for promoting any and all mischief that 12/13 year olds thought they were getting themselves into.
I think we can learn something from that. Live a little, yeah?

"Most children think that they are devils who play at being angels, when very often it is the reverse that is true"

Normally this is where I sign-off!
You'll be hearing from me! xxo

P.S Do you read this in your voice, my voice or the voice you remember? Just curious.

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