Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Day of Zest

It's sunday folks!!!!!

Oh yes, that's right. You're hungover as fuck.


It's a crappy. lazy sunday, you've nothing to do and no-one to spend it with


You spent it all day doing course-work and you're reward will probably be a half slept night before work/uni tomorrow

Geez, and they say Mondays are bad, it has some serious competition today!
What did I do? You may ask?
Well, I had the lovely combination of the three, thanks very much!

I didn't drink last night; I was offered to go the "The Venue" and whilst I woud love to dress as emo as possible and thrash around to Papa Roach, I'm having to safeguard my monies for the next time I go wanderin'! Nevertheless, I woke up feeling like my three weeks of indulgent living smacked me up the face.
Anybody to hang-out with today? Ahhh, of course, I live in Ballyclare, everyone in quiet a drive away :(
As for work? More teaching malarky and whilst I did have some fun recording some vocals, the software would have to crash right? Right. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy >:(

All that aside, it's been a good day to set some goals in motion, perhaps you remember my blog on how I'm spending my"rehab time" ;

If not, see the above picture!

So, I've stuck to my guns, invested in home-gym equipment and I'm ready feel the burn, boo-yeah!!!

Now to you ladies and jellyspoons, what was your goal for the end of the day? Next week, month, season etc? Even if you think it's the teeniest bit unrealistic, how do you think you're going to go about it? Go on, please leave a comment! I know alot of you read this, I'm just curious of what you're after, that's all!

But alas, the quote collection grows bigger still;

"The object of one's enthusiasm is at least as important as the enthusiasm itself"

Feel free to ...

Nevin, xxo

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