Friday, 12 February 2010

The Day of Unifier

Money pretty much thrown away: £90-120

Smirnoff ices drank: 4

Minds blown by watching Memento : *BOOM*

So today marks the third day without medication, and honestly, it really shows. Once I was past all the madness that is jumping around London trains and tubes, I was near rock bottom. Never again am I skipping staying up late, skipping breakfast, wandering around all day, WITHOUT me medicine! BUT thats not to say I'm starting to rely on it and makes excuses with it, just that I need to be responsible and shiz like that!

But anyway, as spring is approaching, I felt it's time to look forward to a new beginnings. New Year's isn't a new start, lets face it. We start January dressed like frenchmen, pissed off our faces and stuffed with pizza ... well I did anyway (and yes it was my best day at work ever)
I'll admit that in the past couple of weeks, I've been tieing up loose ends, cut off things that are bad for me, things get better and easier everyday.

So over the next fortnight, why not try to "air-out" your life in time for spring. But whilst you may walk away from emotional dead-weights, a shitty job or something that's a toxic influence, please make sure you make space for new things and people to barge into your life.

"Without breakdown and decay, there can be no rejuvanation"

Enjoy your weekend boys and girls ;) xxo

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