Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Day of Popularity

ATM visits last night - 4

CLUBS/BARS visited - 4

Embarrassment level - Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinksy scandal

After reading my last blog, it would seem that my titles aren't always that appropriate, so I may be doomed tonight if this title is true.

So, hands up to anyone who's embarrassingly unaware of themselves, just me? Thought so.
No matter how well I think I've got it all figured out or know the answers, I go and make a total ass of myself and life serves me up a more than generous slice of humble pie ... it tastes like cheap cider.Which in turn means less preachy babble from me, and more actual documenting of things.

Today was a stuggle, out drinking (apparantly) to half 3, then stayed up doing silly drunk things until about 5, then waking at 7-ish to take my meds. An ideal start to the day eh?

It's been mood-swing city today, I haven't been the same person one hour to the next, hopefully I don't turn into a moody bugger. Anyway, going to go do what I did last night, times two , just more carefully. I've asked to be kept away from facebook when I get back, I hope that stick!

I'll leave you with my token quote;

"The mirror sees nothing - it only reflects"

You'll be see seeing and hearing from me,
Nev xx

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