Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Day of Acclaim

Money blown on trains: Soooooo much!

Medication taken: None

Beds usurped: 1 (Take that Alex)

Firstly, let me apologize for not blogging yesterday, and that this blog is late by about an hour and half, but cut me some slack, I'm investing all my time and money getting all my friends buzzed, you never know, the next person could be you, or you ... OR YOU!!!

This is the first day where I've forgotten to take my meds (i've left them in Scotland, and I'm in London now) so I can't wait until I go slightly and rather entertainingly mad!

Anyway, keeping it brisk and extremely unpreachy tonight, just wanting to spread some down-to-earth advice and and take some pressure off your possibly stressed, un-massaged shoulders ( you poor souls)

"Acceptance and universal values are important, but so are washing the dishes and mopping the floor"

So goodnight, I'd kill for a cuddle!

- Nev xx

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