Monday, 8 February 2010

The Day of Precognition

Dishes washed: Sooooo many, few of which were mine!

Scary thing done today: Tried Call of Duty (I am not accepted back into the male population now apparantly)

Progress has been made today! I feel as though I'm slipping back into a sleeping pattern I had in my late teens. It involves a hectic weekend followed by a sunday night weere I sleep extremely patchily (normally in 30-45 minute bursts). It is how my fine Belfast-born-brethren would describe it as "fuckin' desperate like"

Though I feel like my Sundays will be like this for some time, I think it wil get slowly better as time goes on.

Now here's the "WTF moment" ; what do you think about precognition? Being able to sense a future event.

It's something, that on occassion, would happen with me during this particular sleep pattern. Normally, it's nothing overly serious, nothing on the scale you may have seen in "Heroes" though there has been the odd exception.
I remember pieceing together a dream in which;
a) I was removed early from an exam
b) My Dad would fall down in his work cafeteria, and
c) I was wandering around brightly lit corridors.

So upon waking, I told my Dad to be careful that day and figured I'd get in trouble during an exam for cheating or something.

I'm half-way through a Physics paper, which gets interrupted by "Would Nevin Officer immediately report to the school office?"
I'm told that my Dad has had a heart-attack and collapsed during lunch.

I would of course end up walking down many a white hallways, before I get to see my dad. Oddly joyful and telling us how people at work asked him' "You alright Colin?"
"Aye I'm grand," he'd reply. "Just a heart attack"

Needless to say me and my dad where a teensy bit freaked for a number of weeks.

But anywho, back to the juiciness. A blonde-haired, "Norn-Iron", female friend of mine is going to find a new boyfriend soon. I'm not spilling names because I don't want to jeopardise it happening, but if it happens, here is the recorded truth and I'll get this person to back it up!

Anyway, not long now kids, goodnight, sleep well and chew on this for supper;

"Though talents may be given, they need to be cultivated"

-Nev, xx

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