Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Day of the Curveballer

To eschew tradition, I'm going to start with the advice that was thrown my way today, thrown. You get it? See it's the Day of the um Curveballer and ... yeah... I suck.

" Some thoughts are better kept to yourself. Work on yourself privately and get some things straightened out. Your eccentricities are charming but can also irritate people at times. Learn to laugh at yourself, occasionally."

Well, I have the laughing at myself part nailed down, but keeping stuff to myself, yep I'm shit at that. Don't get me wrong, if I'm trusted with someone else's secret I keep it tighter than Miley Cyrus's chastity guarded my dinosaur-riding Chuck Norris clones. But personally, I tell most people, most things about me.

I think I'm really up-front about things, and luckily for me, it hasn't scared people off, odds are, when I met you (yes you, dear, sweet, beautiful,possibly non-existent reader) I probably hugged you rather than shook your hand, said something quirky to make you laugh, or of course; "so, what can I get you and your friends?"

So perhaps less blogging? Less sharing? More secretive? Eek! I'll constantly have that little bit of saliva on my lip that means I know something juicy.

"Once the ball is in the air, almost anything can happen"

I think I've thrown it and not fully realised.

Hopefully be with you soon, Nev XoxO


  1. I think it's an Officer trait. I'm very open about myself too and people have told me to learn to laugh at myself before. I laugh at myself, I make an idiot of myself we all do. We're human, and I say to those people - what have they got to hide or feel ashamed about in life that they can't just BE themselves. Perhaps you get more hurt to wear your life on your sleevs, but it's a lot less tiring being open, honest and totally yourself than putting on a new persona with each clean set of clothes each day, or hiding behind a mask that everyday pushes you a little farther from who you really are. Think about that those who mock the "philisophically eccentric," Whatever. Tell them to Nev up. x

  2. Perhaps you've seen some of my writing? man just let it all out. good bad and ugly. bring it all on. Express ever atom you possess, its what makes us, us. Who cares if theres people out there that shrug off or diss any form of your individuality. thats their problem. if everyone could be as open and inspirational as half the stuff you come off with then we'd live in a better world. keep up the good fight buddy. as for me, im off to show a girl my spaceship.

    love & kisses