Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Day of Quiet Eloquence

I was meant to write this blog hours ago, but something came up. I arrived in Scotland, met one of my best mates and got verrrrrrry drunk.

But regardless, today counts as yesterday, I believe.

So, yes. Today I wished to talk about seizing opportuninties. (Please excuse my spelling, grammar and such, I VERY driunk)

For example, I was sitting on the boat this morning and approached to enter a raffle. I barely asked what it was for, instead asking "is it a quid?!!, it was , so rightly so, I handed ovr that little coin and got a number 5 raffle ticket ... an hour later I had won a big prize.

The moral of this story? Get involved. Being shy is not an excuse, I'm rather shy but I don't let it hold me back.

I've heard that " Getting a fire started can be much easier than extinguishing it"

I say, let the fire burn!!! I won't be held back by restrictiuons, this is my life, I'll forge it how I choose, I've been been called a "rather bold boy" in the past, I'm very comfortable with that, I even have a, saying/motto/lyric that decsribes my stance on such a manner and I'm not afraid to admit that it's slighltly egotistical;

"Just because my fire burns twice as bright, doesn't mean it burns out twice as fast... or AT ALL"

Life is NOT a spectator sport, get involved! Sure it maybe fun to giggle, laugh and judge, but do you join in as much as you should? I won a prize worth waaaaaaaay more than a quid, just because I figured "fuck it"

Promise me that tomoorow, you'll do something bold, please!!

I really do love you, I'd go mad is none of you were part of my life!!!

(Ridicoulsy bad blog, but I blame the Jagermesiter AND scotland!!!)

mwah mwah mwah!!! xo

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