Monday, 8 February 2010

The Day Of Utopia

The day in brief: Tiny hangover
Mate made me pancakes
Brother's best mate made me dinner.
(I must have been a good boy)

Well I think congratulations are in order for everyone who kept me away from a computer last night, now the stories and embarrassing sentiment I spew was isolated to less than a dozen people and whatever strangers were (un)lucky enough to cross my path last night.

But anyway, Back to the blog!

So, what's your idea of the perfect world? Or better yet, your perfect life.
I was a very naive kid, the only plan I ever had was that I would get a job as soon as I could and save every penny until after university.
Now, what I planned to do with the money, if either hilarious, cute, silly or pathetic, depending entirely on your viewpoint. Unless you're one of those mix and match annoying bastards who will see a little of everything. Seriously, I'm kidding. I love you indecisive bastards
I figured when I was little, that by the time I was 22 I'd be ready to buy a place or use the money to get married. Yes, the value of a pound wasn't quiet apparrant to me at 11 years old, but still, I thought it was a solid plan.
So, I'm 22, the "perfect plan" was poorly conceived and became far less realistic as the years fell off the calender. So for the first time since I was 16, I'm single, not working and don't have a notion where to live.
The plan? Go travelling.
The problem? Hypothyroidism.
Current situation? Visiting everyone I've met who likes to party, only stopping for blood tests and teaching work.

Wasn't my plan, but fuck it, plan C it is!!

Once I've seen everybody and anybody who will let me crash on the sofa/floor in exchange for me boozing them up, I'm going to work my ass of on getting on a teaching course. Escape Norn Iron? Yes. Very much so.

After that?
I think I'm going to steal one of you for a week in the summer.
Everyone needs/wants that strange mate who takes them on holiday, right?

That's my plan.

Enjoy your quote of the day, and I hope I don't have to wait too long to see you.

"An ideal world can only be created by ideal people"

-Nev xxo

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