Friday, 26 February 2010

The Day of Arousal

Total money spent: An entire bank account; I ran out in Manchester and Boyd lent me a tenner!

Hours spent hypnotised: 2.5

Hours of fame in Newcastle: 5.5

When I last made a post, I had made it to Nottingham and was without medication. I was off of it for for around a week in total, two days in particular were especially "swingy",so I have to congratulate Michael Wilkinson for enjoying/handling that!

My stay is Newcastle was surprisingly awesome. No sooner had I stepped off the bus and Wilky had fed me dinner (he's a good lad that Wilky, I don't why EVERYBODY speak so much shit about him. Maybe it's because he ... well,I'll go into that another day :P ) that I went to see a play called ROAD in a warehouse. It was an amazing mesh of comedy and tragedy.looking at working class communities in the thick of a labour-strike. A few drunken and fumbly scenes made it worth a giggle, and yes they were a fucking sexy bunch of people. Right after that, was the after party, if you want to know just look for the pictures on Facebook ... the same can be said for the Rocky Horror Picture Show party!

At the end of the week, I went to visit Bethany and Laura, who treated me to a night out starting with a Hypnotist. I am a HUAAAAAAGE sceptic of hypnotism, and not being shy of a stage or an audience I jumped up and joined 17 other suitably "game" folk. Let me tell you, it works. She chilled us out for about 15 mins before "putting us under". I danced to "All the single ladies", gave a speech as Tony Blair, sang "Don't Stop Believin'" (glee style) performed my favourite sexual positions and stripped a la The Full Monty. This in turn made me extremely famous for the night, and according to Bethany;"I didn't take advantage of it"

This of course is the extremely abridged version of the story, but it has firmly put Newcastle as one the forerunners for University next year. There are few other places where I've settled in so quickly or made so many cool mates.

The conclusion of my trip was exactly what I needed; a good wind down. Manchester and Boyd were the perfect solution. Hanging out with him felt like the old days, watching stupid comedies, playing video games, piles of junk food and generally nerding it up - what a guy!

So now I'm home, I've blood tests ahead of me, so I get to see how the pills have helped me out!

Other than that, the past 24 hours have been me trying to tie up loose ends and push things forward. My applications for University are ready to go and I've decided that Aberdeen, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle are the places for me, for various reasons.
I also went into a rather familiar comic store today and was offered my old job back, for a spilt second I thought that this would be a step-back, but why? I've just blown about a grand, and in a time when most people are killing each other for employment, it's being thrown on my lap! AND it's something I now know a lot about, I hope I get a phone-call soon!

Speaking of which, I haven't had many texts/phone calls between 12 and 4am, did people suddenly stop drinking or do they know now that my insomnia fades with every day?

So all in all, I'm having a mostly good time. My biggest quibble regards me making decisions, or rather my inability to do so. I certainly don't want things to be very easy or simple, but I have the very cliché issue of my heart, mind (and sometimes) body not agreeing. What always wins out for you guys?

My meditation for today then is this;

"Awakening others carries tremendous responsibilities"

I hope that helps you in some way, because I'm not sure how it applies to my life. Perhaps I need to be careful with people.

Anyway, this had been a rather large blog, so I'll let you go get on with your lives. Looking forward to catching up with the Belfast peeps, and if you live in one of my "university cities" I may be crashing on your floor in the future, don't worry though, I'll take you out as payment!

Love you, Nev xxo

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