Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Day of Class

Curently listening to: Foo Fighters



Craving: M&Ms, cream eggs, white chocolate cookies
"The simplest tastes are often the most elegant"

Mood: Lonely ... is that a mood?

I wrote before that I've been sleeping alot better. I normally get about six hours of undisturbed sleep, which is fantastic, but of course I've hit a snag. Last night I had one big long BAD dream. Not a nightmare per se, there were no monsters or murderers, death/blood/destruction etc. Just a big morale-sapping dream, like I was telling myself, "you can't do this OR that", "what will x think..." and so on. So I've alot of doubt in my mind right now, anxiety has crept back in, I don't know if that's the remaining pang of a "chemical imbalance" or an actual warning sign to myself, only the next week or so will tell.

This is probably my most downbeat blog, I'll make sure I remember this as a low point, hopefully I'll get to prove it wrong tomorrow after a better night. Anyways, I shant depress you anymore. Hopefully a happier Nev tomorrow!

Mwah! xox

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