Thursday, 3 June 2010

One for the road: Good news and good bye

I've been reading through my older posts, looking at all of the steps it took to get to this point. How many I wrote when I was drunk, when I was sick, when I was digging and contemplating. I don't need to blog about that stuff anymore. I like that this format has a definite ending for me, because the good news has arrived; my medication had levelled off, I don't need to take another blood-test for six months, and if I continue behaving and adhering to the holy "Men's Health", then I'm going to be in an incredible position in about a year's time.

I also landed an interview at the University of Manchester. Whilst I may not accept a place even if I do nail the interview, I'll know how up to scratch I am with the teaching malarkey.

So that's it kids, I'm done. Thanks for reading and telling me how much you've enjoyed, and how my attempts at comedy actually got a laugh out of some of you.

See you soon for a new one of these I'm sure :P

"Maybe there are no accidents."

-Nev xo

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