Saturday, 30 January 2010

24 ...ish

Mood: Manic!

Films seen;

Daybreakers- 7/10
Ninja Assassin: 3/10 (If you love ninja's or Joel Silver films consider this 11/10)

The Levothyroxine (which I'm going to refer to as "meds" or something less "wordy") has been in my system for almost a day and a half. Yesterday I had a little giggle fit, random dancing sessions and I shouted at sweets that jumped out of the cupboard. Today though, I started off really calm and levelled, up until about ten minutes ago.
I am soooooo panicked right now, my brain feels like it's burning through pixie-dust-sugar and burning into lots of colours; I have a full body rush! At any particular moment I could be really excited or the next scared.
So I'm thinking this could take a week to get used to, soooo on Friday I'm off to Scotland/England, but I have no idea where to start!
I'm gonna be headin' to all the bigger places in Scotland as well as Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham and London. I absolutely can't wait to dart about and catch up with everybody... and crash on your sofa's!

Next time on the Blog? Things I'm going to be busy with during the 8 weeks of tinkering with meds!

Cheers! - Nev

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